Hubert Duprat

The beginning of this section based on the work of Hubert Duprat talks about how as artists we can never work independently away from art history. Some artists embrace this and use it as a tool to make a statement about art; to create a type of mockery that denounces the old, and holds the new as more advanced. Duprat, who is self taught does not use history to propel his work, but uses his work to propel history. Hist work is inspired by achievements of art, and expands on their potential using modern influences.

For example Duprat’s flint sculptures are inspired by the very beginning of art and craft. The artist has researched this process, and decided to make it bigger and better. This is done using ancient materials as the medium, but using modern tools to sculpt it. These flint sculptures can reach 11×14 inches, which would be impossible to do with prehistoric tools due to the fragility of flint. This work focuses on creating a fictional archaeology.

Duprat has taken his work further back than the prehistory of man, and worked with insects as the potential first concepts of art. In his installation, Aquatic Caddis-fly Larvae with case (1980-2002), Duprat has given the ability to insects to practice art. In this piece Caddis-fly larvae are encouraged to create cocoons on the gallery walls; but instead of given tools which the Caddis-fly would normally create a cocoon with (twigs and pebbles) Duprat gives the insects gold leaf, gems and pearls. This really puts in to question of where did art begin, and what is its value or function.

Aquatic Caddis-fly Larvae with case (1980-2002)



The third example of Duprat’s work is his piece L’Atelier ou la montee des images (1983/85). In this piece Duprat has re interpreted the camera obscura. His studio becomes a camera obscura and Duprat records these images with a modern camera. By using this process colour and interior architecture add new depth and texture to this process. This is another example where Duprat has revisited old techniques and used modern tools to advance them in any sort of ways.3S00192

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